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Isaiah Ong

Football (soccer) / Holding Midfielder

I am a 15 Year Old Footballer from Christchurch. In most teams I play in, I am often deployed as a Holding Midfielder and occasionally a Ball Playing Centre Half, in a Libero/Sweeper type role. I play my club football for FC Twenty 11 and I have been involved in...

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Christian James

Football (soccer) / midfielder

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Matt Jones

Football (soccer)

I am a 16 year old boy that has grown up playing football in New Zealand. My goal is to play professional football. I enjoy wakeboarding and other water sports. I have lived in Swannanoa for my whole life and come from a family of 4 with a older sister.

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Joshua Stuart

Football (soccer) / Striker or any Wing position

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Mackenzie Caughey

Football (soccer) / Attacking Midfielder

My name is Mackenzie and ever since I was 5 all I've ever seen me doing is football. I started out at Waimak FC and have played in Div 1 there until early 2014 when I started playing in the Div 1 14th grade Cashmere Technical team. I am also...

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Lino Bonnici

Football (soccer)

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Football (soccer)

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Harris Edlin

Football (soccer) / Goalkeeper

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Thomas Reiri

Football (soccer) / Can play anywhere

Started playing Football in 2012 at 5 years old in the first kicks grade (4-6 years old) 2013 at age 6 I played in the 10th Grade with 10 years olds 2013 I made the Local Area Representative 10th Grade team at age 6 I trained with the Burnley Football Academy delivered by...

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Jake Tones

Football (soccer)

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Mahdi Fahes

Football (soccer) / Midfielder

Born and raised in Lebanon, Start playing football since I was 8 years old. Plays for Al Ahed FC - Lebanese Champion team. Midfielder position.

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Billy Brown

Football (soccer)

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Emile Stuart

Football (soccer)

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Adrien Mark

Football (soccer) / Right Back ( RB)

* Started playing soccer at the age of 5 for Cashmere in 2006 * Player of the Year or MVP for my club team in the years 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2012 * Canterbury age group representative 11th, 12th and 13th grades (2012 - 2014) * Selected for Mainland Federation Talent Centre 2013,...

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Football (soccer)

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Shaun Mukwevho

Football (soccer) / STRIKER

I was born in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and moved to Australia at the age of 5. Up until age 9 I was playing football with my neighbours at the local playground and a few school games. Age 9 is where i signed for my first team and fortunately played an age...

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Football (soccer)

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Football (soccer)

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Football (soccer) / RW-LW-ST

My name is Anish Mani i am 16. I love to play football, my dream is to play football at a pro level. I have been playing football for 9 years. I am hard working and love to learn new skills, I like to watch pro players individual skills youtube,...

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Chol Kiir

Football (soccer)

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oliver cosgrove

Football (soccer)

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Jerry Ben

Football (soccer)



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