Athlete FAQ's
Creating a Profile FAQ's
    • How long does it take to create a profile

      Initial set up will generally take 10-15 minutes if you have all your content at hand ie photos, video urls, description text, profile picture etc. However we incourage you to make constant updates whenever you can, for example whenever you reach a new milestone or sporting achievement, If a selector has bookmarked you as a potential athlete he will want to watch your progress.

    • Who can set up a profile?

      Player Profiles main purpose is to create a global awareness of Sporting Talent in the Asia pacific region. Our target athletes are those that want to push there talents to the limit and see how far they can go. They will generally be in advanced training of some degree, or already performing at a level that has them standing out from the crowd.

    • Are there any age restrictions?

      There are no age restrictions on the age an athlete needs to be to have a profile on Player Profiles. However the registering of all athletes under 14 years old must done by the child’s Parent/Guardian and all contact details associated with that account to be that of the Parent/Guardian. For additional protection PlayerProfiles do not display any contact details on the website and you are not permitted to include contact details anywhere other than the input fields supplied for this information by PlayerProfiles. For example you may not include a phone number, email address, or physical address into input areas designed for profile descriptions.

    • Ok I have registered, What Now?

      The first thing to do once you have registered and activated your account is to go to your profile and start filling it out. To locate your profile page click on the profile button located at the top right of any page on Player Profiles.




    • How do I view my profile?

      To view your profile you first need to login to Player Profiles, you can do this by clicking on the Login button located at the top right of any page on the website


      You will need to enter your login details that you created when registering.

      once logged in this button changes to a Profile button


      then simply click the profile button to go to your profile.

      Note: You can click this button anytime from anywhere on the website to return to your profile.

    • How do I change my avatar?

      To change your avatar first you need to be logged in to player profiles

      Once logged in go to your profile page and hover your mouse over the large profile picture, then click the Change Photo text that appears,  when the next screen appears locate and click the choose file button and select an image from your computer, this can be in  a jpg, gif or png format only. Then click the blue upload image button.

      you will then be able to crop the image via our cropping tool, simply drag the transparent overlay to where you want it and drag the corners to resize. then scroll down and click the Crop Image button.

      Your new avatar will now be loaded and viewable.

    • How do I add text content to my profile?

      To watch a video tutorial on how to edit your profile please (Click here)

    • How do I display Photo's?

      To view a video showing how to upload photos into your profile (please click here)

    • How do I display Video's?

      To view a video on how display a video to your profile (click here)




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